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Advanced CNG Nozzle by Oasis

CNG equipment specialist Oasis Engineering Ltd. – Member of the Elaflex Group – has developed the NC203 nozzle for NGV1 filling receptacles.

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The NC203 nozzle is a full flow fast-to-connect coupling with a pressure rating of either 3000 psi (P30) or 3600 psi (P36). It is suitable for the refuelling of fleet passengers' cars and vans (transporters). The new two versions replace the predecessor type NC103 and are available since July 2017.

The new design has been refined after extensive consultation by Oasis with major CNG industry leaders.

It incorporates significant innovations addressing key CNG industry needs:

  • compact and slim design to connect deep-seated filler valves
  • highest flow rate ( CV = 1,9 ) on the market due to streamlined coupling design
  • lightweight ( 0,65 kg / 1,43 lb )
  • the floating segment grip system reliably couples without jamming, and prevents damage to vehicle filling connectors
  • improved refuelling comfort: the innovative poppet design ensures an extremely low recoil when uncoupling the nozzle from the fill point
  • backwards compatible with existing filling valves
  • fully repairable on-site with cost effective service kits

When combined with our FV100 fill valve series it is costeffective due to its superior lifetime service.

For further information, please contact Felipe Aguilera, Technical Sales Engineer at the number below or use the contact form.

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