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Leighton O'Brien announces Crompco as latest U.S. distributor

Crompco will distribute Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing services.

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One of the USA´s leaders in UST inspection and construction, Crompco is Leighton O´Brien´s latest fuel cleaning distributor.

The fuel cleaning and polishing services will officially launch the first of three systems in October. The service will be conducted by certified Crompco technicians and supported by expert fuel data analysis by Leighton O’Brien’s analysts.

“We can now offer our customers Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing for underground and aboveground storage systems,” said Bob Dee, President of Crompco.

Crompco provides a comprehensive array of services to all forms of organizations that utilize underground and aboveground storage tank systems.

“With our US fuel cleaning distributor growth, Leighton O’Brien will clean more than 2,500 tanks globally,” explained Leighton O’Brien CEO, Reed Leighton.

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