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Bever Innovations: Connect your forecourt

Cars, phones, televisions.. almost everything around us is connected nowadays. According to tech-experts, this is just the beginning. The internet of things grows every day with new, smart applications like EOS technology, from Bever Innovations.

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EOS technology connects devices, equipment and processes in the simplest way. It’s plug and play. A wireless network will automatically be created between all EOS devices at your petrol station.

It is also very safe because all data is encrypted and only you decide who has access to your connected system. The EOS Manager app lets you remotely view, analyse and configure all connected devices, 24/7. This opens up a world of possibilities. Get more from the data of your petrol station, for example use data from the Luci Series sensors to analyse traffic on your forecourt to optimize the position of your point of sale material. Data can also be used to optimize operations on your forecourt. Enhance visitors experience and sense of safety with connected dynamic lighting. 

Several EOS devices available

Bever Innovations has integrated their EOS Technology into its Luci LED Under Canopy Illumination and Ambiente LED Area Illumination. The EOS Bridge makes non-EOS devices able to ‘speak’ EOS. For instance: the security system can trigger the dynamic lighting via EOS Bridge to raise the light output to the maximum level during calamities. 

Be connected, EOS connected!

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