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Oil&nonoil - an engine that is hitting full revs

The only Italian trade show for the fuel distribution industry (October 11-12, Rome) falls at a time of great regulatory and commercial turmoil marking the unstoppable changes in the distribution network. The second edition of the Oscar dell’Autolavaggista awards.

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Author: Veronafiere

There is less than a month to go before the twelfth Oil&nonoil-S&TC at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome on 11 and 12 October. The two-day event delivers international value for industry, operators, and investors throughout the entire production and distribution chain ensuring "energy, fuel and mobility services."

Veronafiere, owner of the event, has made significant investments to promote the show among companies from outside Italy and to attract foreign operators interested in top quality products at competitive prices. 

Exhibition spaces are booked up

More than 100 companies, including companies from overseas, from every segment of the storage and distribution industry for fuel, from fossil and other sources, will be showcasing their products for the 2,500 operators who are expected to attend the fair.

Oil&nonoil comes at a time of great regulatory and commercial fervour on the Italian network, and combines the exhibition of equipment and technology for designing, constructing, managing, and supplying fuel (liquid and gas) with a rich calendar of conferences and workshops.

The aim of the trade show is to be a tool for staying up to date and stimulating inventive minds and the entrepreneurship of investors and independent operators who already manage small and large networks, and who know that only innovation will guarantee their presence amid market competition. 

Network operators as protagonists

Oil&nonoil provides an opportunity for the world of production and operators to develop networking, and for operators and institutions to catch up on what's new.

Large oil companies (such as Esso, TotalErg) are decreasing their presence on the network and hundreds of independent network operators are stepping in their place, facing the daily problems of management and profit margins and even tackling the challenge of major commercial and environmental questions. 

Training and information

The programme of seminars is rich with appointments dedicated strictly to current events and exploring topics of most interest to those who, in different roles, operate daily in the various segments of this industry.

The topics will reflect the debate that is developing within associations, among operators, and between the political and institutional forces. Oil&nonoil offers the opportunity to present projects, solutions and propositions to the public.

The entire program is focused on the most sensitive topics for the industry and underlines business models that can inspire Italian entrepreneurs.

Particular attention is dedicated to "alternative fuels", a fundamental element for sustainable and clean "mobility", at the centre of recent international agreements and regulatory measures. The characteristics of heavy transportation in Italy (over 80% of goods travel by road) have boosted interest among LNG operators (land and sea), and the programme includes a specific conference dedicated to them.

Numerous company workshops are to be aimed at presenting products and strategies. 

Oscar dell’Autolavaggista

In the afternoon of October 12, at 4:00 p.m., after a convention dedicated to the transmission of sales data with coin-operated services, Assolavaggisti will award the second Oscar dell’Autolavaggista.

After the success of the first edition, Veronafiere and Assolavaggisti have decided to continue with the initiative that awards a plaque and 1,000.00 euro to every winner. To participate, candidates must send their registration by 30 September by email to:


Find out more about the event here.

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