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Singapore: 7-Eleven shrugs off split from Shell with 80 new stores

7-Eleven has decided to show no sign of weakness after Shell’s decision to end an 11-year partnership in Singapore. The convenience retailer has countered with plans to open 80 new stores by the end of next year.

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International retailer 7-Eleven has announced plans to execute an aggressive expansion plan that will see the opening of 80 new stores. By early 2018, all 56 7-Eleven convenience stores at Shell stations in Singapore will cease operations and will be rebranded as ‘Shell Select’ and Deli by Shell’.

Steven Lye, CEO for 7-Eleven Singapore, spoke about the good relationship between the two companies and how the impact of Shell’s decision “will not be material” in an interview with Marketing.

“Even with the closure of these stores, 7-Eleven still remains the largest convenience store chain network in Singapore,” said Lye.

With plans to open 30 new stores this year and another 50 during 2018, the convenience retailer has been able to show its market strength despite the move from Shell.

The international oil company’s decision to take control of convenience stores at its services stations fits into its plans to align its operations in Singapore with its long-term global business strategy to manage its own retail operations.

Shell currently has 57 stations In Singapore, down from 68 some 10 years ago, and as many as 74 in 2003.

7-Eleven, on its part, will focus on opening more stand-alone stores, bringing “exclusive and premium range” of products to the shelves, and expanding its ready-to-eat offerings.

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