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7-Eleven franchise owners turn their back on company’s annual trade show

The presidents of all 43 Franchise Owners Associations (FOAs), which represent the interests of nearly 7,000 franchised locations in the U.S., have voted to skip 7-Eleven’s annual trade show.

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Every year, 7-Eleven, Inc. holds a giant convention and trade show, which it says is a “chance to recognize and celebrate our franchisees.” The 7-Eleven Experience reportedly delivers millions to the company’s bottom line by putting hundreds of vendors in front of its franchisee community.

During a recent board meeting of the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF), the franchisees decided not to go to the large event to show their discontent with 7-Eleven’s decision to “cut off communications.”

“The relationship between 7-Eleven and its franchisees is no longer evenhanded and that is hurting our members and their livelihood,” said Rehan Hashmi, vice chairman of the National Coalition.

According to Hashmi, 7-Eleven closed its regular channels of communication after franchisees in California filed a federal lawsuit against the parent company last month.

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