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The industry’s most accurate tank integrity test launched at this year’s NACS Show

Leighton O’Brien, a fuel software and field technologies company, demonstrated its enhanced Pre Bury Post Bury (PBPB) UST integrity test at this year’s NACS/PEI show.

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The PBPB test is US EPA-certified to detect ullage leaks equivalent to a 0.025 gallons per hour (gph), making it 75 per cent more accurate than the current USA required leak detection threshold of 0.1 gph, and the industry’s most accurate and reliable ullage test for new UST installations. 

“We’re pleased to have launched the world’s most accurate and reliable new installation integrity test at the NACS/PEI show, which was well received by customers and industry professionals alike.

Leaking fuel tank
Leaking fuel tank | © Leighton O’Brien

“For fuel retailers it means the reassurance of knowing their tank system is 100% tight before concrete is poured.

“Our experience in testing thousands of new installations indicates 90 per cent of remodelled or new sites have an issue like small leaks from pipes and fittings,” Mr Leighton said.

“With today’s reformulated fuels, storage systems need to be as tight as possible to prevent water ingress that causes major headaches like biological activity, accelerated corrosion and contaminated product unfit for sale.

“Once concrete is poured, these issues become harder to address. Fuel retailers are required to do a post-bury precision integrity test but we believe it’s smart practice to use a certified, accurate third party test prior to concreting.”

Leighton O’Brien’s Wetstock Live management and analytics solution and fuel restoration technologies were also a key focus at NACS/PEI show.

“Globally we’re seeing trends of retail consolidation, tight margins putting pressure on retailers to further reduce costs with automation, and expanding regulation.

“Wetstock Live is the only independent and certified global wetstock solution that leads the industry in accuracy and coverage, performing more than 56,000 wetstock analysis each month across five continents.

“We want to continue to change the industry paradigm to a much stronger data driven approach, which can save fuel retailers significant dollars in maintenance spend through centralised, remote monitoring and root cause analysis of operational issues like pump flow speed and accuracy, tank gauge calibration and water ingress.”

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