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Increasing number of cars boosts growth of automatic car wash market

The global automatic car wash machine market is estimated to grow at 3.7% annually between 2017 and 2025 and will account for $ 6.61 billion by that year, according to a new study by The Insight Partners.

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There has been consumer demand for quicker wash services and thus led to the emergence of express exterior car wash. Last fiscal year witnessed exponential growth in deployments of express exterior machines at a numerous car wash sites.  

One of the major drivers for growth is the increasing number of cars – the global vehicular population had crossed 1 billion mark in the year 2010 backed by the aggressive growth rates in India and China, says the study.

In western countries, there has been a clear link between more cars on the roads and a significant rise in the average car washes per location statistics. Data from the international car wash association shows there was a 17% increase in average car washes per location in the year 2012 compared to the previous year.

The market in Asia Pacific has been witnessing significant growth owing to rising disposable incomes with consumers, acute water shortage problems and stringent government regulations on water usages for car washing purpose. 

Meanwhile, Australia leads the deployments of automatic car wash machines as the country faces severe drought conditions. Japan is a technologically advanced country where automation has reached new heights and thus, automatic car wash machines have been quite popular in the country.