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Tanknology signs new licensee in Honduras

Tanknology Inc. has announced the signing of a new international licensee in Honduras.

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Based in San Pedro Sula, Sertesa (Servicios Técnicos S.A.) will provide underground storage tank (UST) and line tightness testing using Tanknology’s proprietary VacuTect® and TLD-1® technologies.

Sertesa technicians have recently completed the Tanknology training and certification program, and will now offer these testing services to the Honduran market, including to a U.S. based Major Oil Company.

“We are pleased to have Sertesa as the newest member of the Tanknology International Licensee network,” said Ignacio Allende, Vice President of Tanknology’s International Division.

Sertesa has been a strong player in the Honduran fuelling facility and gas station industry since its formation in 1997. The company offers full construction services including design, installation of tanks, and other components including ATG equipment and dispensers. The company also provides preventative and corrective maintenance solutions.

“Our partnership with Tanknology will differentiate Sertesa from its competitors and drive the company forward to further improvements,” commented Juan Carlos Cano, General Manager of Sertesa.

Tanknology operates across North America and around the world, providing environmental compliance testing and inspection services at more than 50,000 petroleum fuelling and storage facilities per year.

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