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Landi Renzo and Clean Energy combine compressor businesses to form global JV

The new company will aim at taking advantage of the move from diesel to natural gas.

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Landi Renzo S.p.A. and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. have announced that the two companies are combining their compressor manufacturing subsidiaries to form a new standalone company

The new company formed by Landi Renzo and Clean Energy Fuels will immediately become one of the leading suppliers of natural gas compressors and other related products across the entire globe, according to both companies.

“The world is rapidly waking up to the harmful impact that diesel is having on air quality. Natural gas is an obvious alternative for vehicles because it burns much cleaner, is plentiful around the world and there is a growing engine portfolio to choose from,” said Cristiano Musi, who is currently Group CEO of Landi Renzo and will also be the CEO of the new company.

Landi Renzo’s SAFE, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia, and Clean Energy Compression, which is well established in the North and South America markets, will combine manufacturing and support operations and equip an international sales team with an expanded line of quality compressors featuring the latest technologies.

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