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UK: Greenergy doubles number of Esso stations as supplier

Greenergy is celebrating winning new business to double the number of Esso-branded sites it supplies.

Last update:

Greenergy took over fuel supply to 191 Esso dealers in 2013 and 2014 as part of its original branded wholesaler agreements with Esso, which allow it to offer the Esso brand and supply Esso Synergy fuels to independent forecourt operators nationally.

Having retained business with these customers and recruited new dealers to the Esso brand, Greenergy has grown the number of Esso sites it is contracted to supply to some 387 sites, with more dealers scheduled to come on board through 2018, according to a press release.

One of the first dealers to work with Greenergy, Imran Khan of St Giles Service Station in Durham, said: “We moved to Greenergy in early February in 2013, when our contract was transferred from Esso under the Branded Wholesaler arrangement. This was a risky time for me as a small independent retailer but I need not have worried. It soon became clear that Greenergy is a forward-looking company with a can-do attitude and their strong reputation in the marketplace is well deserved.”

Greenergy also supplies independent retailers under other brands, including Inver, Nisa, ST1 and customers’ own brands.

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