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CarPay-Diem is adding fuelling service to the Car eWallet platform

Car systems supplier ZF Friedrichshafen has announced the selection of CarPay-Diem to be added to its Car eWallet solution as a service provider for fuelling capabilities.

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Over the last months, ZF in partnership with UBS and IBM has been in development of the Car eWallet, a mobility transaction platform, that allows a full end-to-end integration of mobility services, vehicles and infrastructure. It will enable secure and convenient payments ‘on the go’ for services like parking, charging and now fuelling based on CarPay-Diems technology.

With the new system when a car equipped with Car eWallet arrives in a fuel station, the driver selects his pump number on the display of the dashboard, he is then invited to refill the tank. When the nozzle is placed back on the pump the transaction is completed. CarPay-Diem managed the fuel station processes and confirmed the driver that he can leave the fuel station.

“We are proud to join the Car eWallet project for the creation of the mobility services of the future. Connecting the Car eWallet technology to the CarPay-Diem platform will allow connected and in the future autonomous cars to pay for the fuel refills while providing the greatest driver experience,” said Frederic Stiernon, founder and CEO of CarPay-Diem.

The partners plan to launch live pilots in different regions over the next months. CarPay-Diem is currently compatible with more than 100.000 fuel stations in Europe.