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A real carefree cloud solution: efficient and simple implementation

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Companies experience continuously increasing cost pressure and constant exchange of personnel.

Maintenance is often thought as unwanted cost drivers. Therefore, keeping the maintenance costs to a minimum is a key challenge to most.

Especially companies with many sites or shops struggle to get relevant information to maintain their assets economically. Due to the vast number of people involved, required data is often difficult to get, unstructured and rarely complete.

As a result, companies introduce software to help them maintain their assets and improve communication between all parties. However, many managers are often afraid of lengthy, expensive and inflexible software introductions, because of negative experiences in past projects and daily business.

Software implementation projects can be simple, fast and well worth the money!

OMIS, the industry independent solution for administration and maintenance of buildings, plants and equipment, offers companies the benefits of a true cloud solution. Contrary to most software, OMIS can be used with any modern web browser and runs on an ISO certified data centre to ensure maximum security of sensible data.

Because of standardized processes and close collaboration with companies, OMIS can be fully implemented at a company in less than 3 months. Customers only have to deliver their data. OMIS can easily be adapted if the standard configuration doesn’t meet the customers individual needs.

One recent OMIS customers reflected on the software implementation that “the collaboration during the implementation of OMIS is very uncomplicated and efficient. Because we are implementing OMIS in parallel to our daily business, the little effort required during implementation is a key benefit for us.”

Benefits of cloud software include easy access and no additional hardware and software costs.

Since OMIS is installed on an ISO certified data centre, all employees can access their data within seconds from existing infrastructure. Purchase of additional hardware and software is not necessary. This reduces additional work for the internal IT department and allows them to focus on their actual work.

Additionally, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) license model of OMIS offers full transparency. No hidden costs will be due while using OMIS. Hosting, regular updates and support are already included in the monthly fee.

Collaboration is key to OMIS!

For this reason, OMIS is licensed by number of sites and shops instead of users. That enables companies to involve all parties into the process at no extra cost and further collaboration and consistency.

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