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How to connect long lasting reliability and state of the art technology

PWM’s Retrofit concept empowers fuel stations around the world.

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At home in Germany, but with presence throughout the world: PWM, a family-business with decades of successful history, is world market leader in price displays for fuel stations. During this time PWM has grown far beyond the German borders and is now active in over 60 countries around the globe. The secret to this success is quality in products and service – a core demand of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where PWM’s story began.

The three D-A-CH countries are a notoriously demanding market for everything connected to individual mobility. Not only are all three nations highly regulated by strict laws regarding safety and security, they also feature drivers with extremely high expectations. Price displays are no exception to this rule. They have to be reliable at all times, and installing them requires certified expertise. Taking precise care of all these requirements places PWM’s products firmly in the premium sector of the market, with quality of products and services matching this high standard.

Yet regulations are not what drives PWM, it is innovation and high quality. “We don’t compromise on quality in any market”, says Esther Müller, sales manager for DACH. “Our displays are a lasting investment, worth any Penny. Many of our customers have been with us for decades.”

Retrofit creates lifelong innovation with an affordable price tag

How to connect long lasting reliability and state of the art technology

But does that mean customers pay more if they decide for PWM? Esther Müller is very decisive on this issue: “We are not cheap, and that pays out in the long run. A PWM display isn’t just a run-off-the-mill product, installed and forgotten. We care for ongoing innovation and service all through the lifetime of our products. We will keep you updated when regulations change that affect your price sign. And there is innovation: Our Retrofit system makes the latest innovations available for you, without investing in an all new display.”

Modern LED technology, featuring better visibility and lower energy consumption, are one of these advantages. Especially in border regions many fuel stations appreciate changing displays that show prices in two currencies – in Switzerland €/CHF displays are in high demand. But it also goes for bigger innovations, like PWM’s very own TRACK system that connects price displays to the internet. This enables remote adjustment of displays, no matter where you are, and also adds diagnostics functionality, so maintenance and repairs can be organized from a central place.

How to connect long lasting reliability and state of the art technology

“In our day-to-day work our priority is to understand the customer and their needs”, explains Esther. “The basis for our longstanding customer relationships is trust. Good example: Our IP67 certified display systems are actually water proof, no matter what the weather conditions throw at them. Many fuel station managers know how important that is, especially in regions where rain or extreme weather conditions are common. A failing or unreadable display under humid conditions is a real nuisance, and it’s even worse if the electronics break because of water damage.”

PWM price signs also come with a structural analysis including a swinging test, a legal requirement that many competitors seem to be rather easy going with. PWM engineers make sure that wind and storm can’t topple the mast, even under rough conditions – and counteract any risk with technological specialties like a tuned mass damper. This device reacts to vibrations within the mast, balancing them in the very same way huge skyscrapers around the world are being secured from the effects of wind or even earthquakes.

“There are many examples like this”, Esther says. “If you have special requirements, I can only invite you to put us to the test. We do like a challenge. And by any means: If you feel your price display is aging, have a chat with us as well. We might well be able to breathe some new life into it.”

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