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Fuel your Future with SIQMA Solutions by Scheidt & Bachmann

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We are experiencing new trends and developments in the international convenience retail markets. These range from mobile ordering, click and collect to self-checkout. At the same time customer loyalty programs gain in importance. These trends can to some degree be converted to the fuel retail business. We see some changes in the near future with regard to shop concepts, but also the modernization of the systems used, which will also contribute to customer loyalty in particular as a necessary step towards securing the success of the filling station in the future.

At Scheidt & Bachmann we are preparing for future demands and have introduced with SIQMA several cloud- and browser-based fuel retail solutions allowing site operators highest flexibility and speed to satisfy customer needs and providing new customer value propositions.


SIQMA Mobile POS is exclusively tailored to the needs of service station operators. The modern service station POS is particularly easy and intuitive to use and saves time required for your cashiers during the training period. SIQMA Mobile POS can be used on a Tablet PC and is fully functional. In order to ensure offline functionality as well, the POS application runs in the background on our SIQMA Cloudlink. Thus the POS is online, even if the site is offline. SIQMA Mobile POS allows flexible use at the station, be it in the bistro area, in the carwash or directly in the forecourt.

Future-oriented technology

With our SIQMA solutions you will receive a complete package of software maintenance and support, which means that you do not have to worry about the operation and maintenance of your SIQMA system on your side. At the same time, you always get the latest software version and all the innovations it contains. With Windows 10 as the basis, you already benefit from a future-proof platform that allows you to scale your systems in the future as well.

Outdoor payment on the rise

We at Scheidt & Bachmann see outdoor payment solutions as an opportunity to satisfy the customer's desire for greater flexibility in payment. Especially for customers who only want to fill up quickly without having to wait in the shop at the checkout, this offers a comfortable opportunity. The new SIQMA CRID makes it possible to pay directly at the dispenser. SIQMA CRID can easily be retrofitted to existing dispensers. Customers do not have to move away from the car either before or after refuelling and the dispenser is available to the next customer more quickly. The new system architecture of the CRID is trend-setting. Completely browser-based and based on Linux, SIQMA CRID can be completely controlled via the cloud. All data is centrally controlled and transferred to the devices via the cloud.

The mobile payment market is also changing. With SIQMA Fuel & Go, Scheidt & Bachmann offers the entire fuel retail industry a standard mobile payment solution that simplifies and accelerates refuelling processes for the customer, thus offering benefits for all parties involved even during peak hours. In addition, SIQMA Fuel & Go also offers petrol station operators the option of opening their stations overnight in unmanned operation, so that customers can use their smartphones to authorise themselves by means of an app and the desired fuelling point can be activated for refuelling, as is the case with today's OPT or CRID refuelling. During the implementation, Scheidt & Bachmann has built up an ecosystem of various technology partners and is thus able to offer every petrol station brand a suitable solution. SIQMA Fuel & Go can be integrated in every app of the petrol station brand and works at petrol stations with Scheidt & Bachmann systems without additional hardware on site at the station. In principle, the SIQMA Fuel & Go interface can also be integrated into other 3rd party petrol station management systems by means of a standard API. We see this innovative solution as a potential for all filling station networks.

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