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Egypt petrol stations to install fast electric vehicle chargers

REVOLTA EGYPT, the first company to develop a comprehensive strategy for the rollout of an electric vehicle infrastructure in Egypt, plans to install 12 Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast chargers at petrol stations across the country.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

In line with this, technology multinational ABB has announced plans to supply the first of 12 Terra 53 multi-standard DC fast chargers to REVOLTA EGYPT.

Once the first Terra 53 has been successfully installed, REVOLTA EGYPT will showcase the charger to public officials and reputable car dealers in Egypt, and a further 11 identical chargers will be delivered by ABB for installation at petrol stations across the country.

The Terra 53 multi-standard DC 50 kW fast charging station, according to a company release, supports all current and next generation vehicles and can operate in hard weather conditions from - 35 degrees to + 55 Celsius.  It can support CCS and CHAdeMO 1.0, as well as the EN61851‑1 standard for AC charging (Type 2, Mode 3).

“We truly believe that this fits perfectly with Egypt’s ambitious plans for a cleaner and healthier environment,” said Frank Mühlon, Head of ABB’s Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging.

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We need to know more about these charging systems and installation sites and whether it will be installed and integrated on the current Gas Stations or it will be in a complete separate and isolated sites.