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Valtra tractors to switch to Neste’s renewable diesel worldwide

Tractor manufacturer Valtra will be the first factory in the world to fill its new tractors with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, a fuel is produced entirely from waste and residues.

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Through its new partnership with Finnish fuel supplier Neste, Valtra will take renewable diesel to over 75 countries.

"In today's world, it's important to get through to customers with concrete actions. Neste MY gives us an easy way to make our operations more environmentally friendly. We are a large consumer of diesel, so this decision is really important," says Valtra's Marketing Director, Mikko Lehikoinen.

Every year, approximately 700,000 liters of fossil diesel will be replaced by Neste MY Renewable Diesel at Valtra.

The reduction in the amount of yearly emissions through Valtra's adoption of renewable diesel is equivalent to the emissions produced by nearly 560 passenger cars, according to the companies.

To celebrate the cooperation around Neste MY Renewable Diesel, Neste and Valtra have launched a website called Wake Up Call to All Farmers to promote efforts to reduce fuel emissions.

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