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How is digital technology changing the forecourt industry? The survey

PetrolPlaza is conducting a survey to explore the increasing importance of digital technologies in the forecourt industry. The survey looks to shed some light on the ‘why, what and how’ of digital investments in the fuels retail sector and how market conditions influence these decisions.

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The forecourt industry is quickly adapting to the digital revolution with many retailers understanding the advantages that it brings, such as higher efficiency in fuel management, improved pricing systems and higher customer loyalty. By digital we refer to cloud, analytics (including big data), mobility, interactivity (i.e. social networking), robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and multi-channel marketing.

Oil and fuel retailing companies are increasingly turning to digital technologies to not only build, operate and maintain fuel stations with greater safety and efficiency, but also to transform their mobility, fuels and consumer experience.

By answering a series of general questions regarding your fuel retailing business and how it is adapting to the digital era, you will help the industry get a better sense of where things are at and where they are heading. All answers are anonymous.


There is also the opportunity to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate for a random selection of ten contributors to the survey.


Marv Vidler fuelsmarketing

For the fleet manager fuels payment solutions linking RFID tags to the pump nozzle provide fraud free fueling solutions and a speedy fuels filling experience for the driver.

Michael Dufour Tanknology - a Division of Englobe Corp.

Digitizing how we look at the forecourt information is the next big step to take in North America. Finding the right option isn't the easiest, as there are so many great options available. However finding the option that works with you and your site will help set you forward in your business.

Russell Dupuy Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Digital transformation is moving ahead at a rapid clip, only recently gaining traction in retail petroleum as evidenced with Viva Energy Australia leading this frontier. When Cloud truly couples with IoT through smart edge technology, petroleum retailers are able to knit together disparate critical fuel system equipment in an affordable and independent manner. This create live data feeds, where they control big critical data that unlocks a plethora of opportunity to drive costs down for maintenance, reduce OH&S incidents, detect loss of containment and automate a number of regulatory compliance matters such as weights and measures, price and EPA compliance. And this is just scratching the surface..!

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