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Primagaz and Avia inaugurate Public CNG Station on Montélimar Bypass

Road transport professionals can now refuel with CNG at an Avia station in France.

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The buoyant context in which Primagaz and Avia are aiming for an initial 30% market share, says François Brunero, director of commercial development of Primagaz, is encouraged by the French Government to create a network of refueling CNG of excellence, to support the transport sector in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Road transport professionals can now refuel with CNG at the Avia station, located on Avenue du Meyrol in the immediate vicinity of the N7, a national trunk road between Paris and the border with Italy. Future stations will gradually roll out in locations related to logistic hubs and major freight intersections on main roads.

“The opening of this new public station continues our efforts to facilitate the acceptance by professionals of this fuel of the future. Natural gas represents an alternative to traditional fuels and actively participates in sustainable mobility. It emits less CO² and very little fine particles, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants; it thus contributes to reducing the impact of transport on the emissions of these pollutants,”- explains Matthieu Lassalle, Sales and Marketing Director of Primagaz.

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