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USA: Yesway to rollout YesPay program along with ZipLine

Convenience and fuel retailer Yesway has partnered with ZipLine to launch its own payment program.

Last update:

Private label debit payment processor ZipLine will create and manage the new Yesway payment program, YesPay. Customers who sign up for Yespay will be able to pay for gas and in-store purchases by linking their rewards card to their bank account.

“This new program will provide a frictionless loyalty experience to our customers, from the pump to the store. Customers who now opt into Yespay™ will save at the pump, earn more great in-store rewards, and receive personalized fuel offers, as well,” says Darrin Samaha, Yesway vice president and brand manager.

Yespay will be an enhancement to Yesway Rewards, a point-based loyalty program the convenience store chain introduced in 2017.

Yesway will offer a discount off every gallon of gas purchased with Yespay™. Unlike credit card companies that charge a percentage of each sale, ZipLine charges a fixed fee per transaction, regardless of the amount of the purchase. Yesway is passing these savings on to its customers in the form of a fuel discount.

“ZipLine is thrilled to partner with an innovative, rapidly growing company like Yesway. Yespay™ will be an important tool in driving customer lifetime value, which is an integral part of Yesway’s aggressive growth strategy,” Kristen Bailey, ZipLine’s chief marketing officer.

Just over two years later, Yesway owns and operates 88 convenience stores in the Midwest and plans to acquire, improve and rebrand an additional 120 to 130 stores per year over the next several years in order to reach its goal of building a 500-location-strong chain of Yesway convenience stores in selected regions of the United States.

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