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PinPoint to roll out 6 CNG stations in Belgium

PitPoint will be extending its CNG network with six new stations in Belgium. The new stations will be built in the following locations: Aalter, Kortrijk, Luik, Anderlecht, Eindhout and Charleroi.

Last update:

Six new CNG stations will be opening in Belgium by alternative fuels experts PinPoint. Geert Degroote, managing director Belgium for PitPoint, said the company was working together with various stakeholders with the shared goal of building a national network of CNG stations in Belgium, according to a press release. 

“The realisation of a wide CNG network is one of our biggest priorities in Belgium, and with these new stations we will be making a large step in that direction,” said Geert Degroote, managing director Belgium for PitPoint.

PitPoint Belgium’s new CNG station in Aalter will be officially opened on April 5. The exact locations and opening dates of the other stations will be released soon, according to the company.

PinPoint’s core business is the production and sale of ‘clean fuel’ and they have their own fuel station network for Biomethane/CNG, LNG and hydrogen.

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