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English Español Spain: Unattended sites restricted to 75 litres per vehicle, says Government

Spain’s National Association of Automatic Service Stations has taken the Government’s new regulation for unattended, self-service petrol stations to the country’s Supreme Court as it “gravely restricts” their activities.

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Without any official announcement, Mariano Rajoy’s Government has approved a series of regulations that limit to three minutes and 75 litres the maximum duration and quantity for each refuelling operation at an unattended service station, reports ABC. 

Manuel Jiménez, President of Spain’s National Association of Automatic Service Stations, denounced yesterday that “the measure goes against free market and free competition. With this norm large vehicles will not be able to use our petrol stations; will are condemned to small operations.”

Although the norm is officially in place, unattended petrol stations can continue doing business as usual, as they still need to install timers that cut off dispensers once they have reached three minutes or 75 litres.

In Spain there are currently some 560 unattended service stations – a 5% of the total 11.200 sites.  

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