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"Sweden can inspire others". Interview with Mattias Goldmann

We sat down with Mattias Goldmann, from the think tank Fores, at the SPT Nordic Conference to discuss the different Nordic strategies to combat fuel emissions, the advantages of alternative fuels and the relationship with the European Union.

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Interview with Nordic fuels expert Mattias Goldmann
Mattias Goldmann is the CEO of the green and liberal think tank Fores, with the 2030-secretariat for a fossil independent transport sector. Mattias was named Sweden's Most influential in sustainability issues, 2016, and runner-up Opinion Maker of the Year, 2017, when he was also knighted by the French government for his work against climate change.

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Thomas Andersson

Please Do Not allow Sweden to inspire anyone! Sweden and the C party has shown their incopentance in responsable thinking within all technology related to leak detection of tanks and pipes. Slovenia, Botswana, The Philipines has better and more stringent regulations than Sweden. 1/3 of all underground storage tanks is Sweden ARE leaking!