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Shell trusts in SIQMA cloud solutions from Scheidt & Bachmann

In the coming years, Shell plans to equip its petrol station network with future-oriented systems. Following a detailed review process, Scheidt & Bachmann has qualified to join Shell global Ecosystem of approved vendors as a provider of fuel retail management systems.

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A global framework agreement for 5 years was signed in September 2017. Under the agreement, systems are provided as RaaS (Retail as a Service) and delivered to both Shell's own stations and TMLA (Trademark License Agreement) countries. With over 44,000 shell branded sites worldwide, Shell serves 30 million customers a day on forecourts around the world and extends the long-term business relationship with Scheidt & Bachmann with this agreement. Scheidt & Bachmann can build on his experience in the system business especially in the field of cloud solutions. Scheidt & Bachmann is already preparing for the upcoming tasks with his own teams, which are concerned with the hosting of systems provided by Scheidt & Bachmann and his own global data centers.

The project includes the latest SIQMA product portfolio with hosted cloud solutions and mobile devices. The systems are controlled via SIQMA Cloudlink, which allows the stations to remain operational even if the internet connection is lost. This also includes card processing, which is particularly critical for petrol stations. Through the hosted SIQMA Cloud BOS, the operators will be able to do their office work from anywhere without having to be at the station. This includes a mobile cash desk with a slim and a modern device outfit by two tablets, a POS for the cashier and a rich a customer display which can seamlessly be used for advertisement purposes. In addition, SIQMA POS can also be used as a mobile cash desk in the Forecourt or in the car wash area. In addition to the conventional outdoor payment solutions SIQMA OPT and SIQMA CRID, it will also provide mobile payment for the future. This addresses the needs of customers for flexibility when paying. The Shell central system is connected to the petrol stations via SIQMA API. All connected petrol stations are controlled centrally. The focus here is on central article management and promotion planning. This adds significantly to more convenient processes for the Shell head office in the daily work and accelerates processes.

In addition to the on-site systems, services for 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels have also been agreed on. The service package of SIQMA Care includes, in addition to the delivery and installation of the hardware and software, the corresponding training for the new systems as well as software maintenance services.

Currently the markets for implementation projects are being selected with fast progress.

"Scheidt & Bachmann is proud to be a chosen partner for this challenging project and is proud to be a new supplier to Shell International," says Jörg M. Heilingbrunner, Managing Director of Scheidt & Bachmann.

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