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SGB launches first vacuum leak detector for monitoring several tanks and pipes

VLXE-SAB T../P.. is the clever solution for Leak monitoring. It is available for outdoor installation and with remote monitoring lod.

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The vacuum leak detector VLXE-SAB T../P.. is the 100 % continuous and secure interstitial space monitoring of up to 12 double-walled tanks and/or pipes. Depending on the model the VLXE-SAB is equipped with 1 or 2 pumps as well as an explosion-protected sensor per tank/pipe. In case of a vacuum loss at any tank/pipe, an alarm is triggered and indicated on a central display outside and additionally separately inside for each sensor. Each leak will be reliably indicated – regardless whether it is in the inner or outer wall. And this before any stored or conveyed liquid can enter and pollute the environment!

VLXE-SAB T../P.. is a leak prevention system which realizes the highest European environmental protection level of EN 13160, class 1.

Advantages & high ease of use:

  • Slim container with little space requirement (390 x 320 x 1202 mm), also available in stainless steel
  • Solid metal box
  • Completely pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation
  • Easy control and maintenance of pneumatic parts
  • Standard positions of manifolds
  • Electronic operation of the unit for an efficient and fast annual function test.

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