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South Korea announces private-public hydrogen fuelling network

South Korea’s Government and private business are joining forces to build a network of hydrogen fuelling stations in the country.

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Private companies and the South Korean Government have agreed to establish a special purpose company (SPC) to set-up hydrogen service stations, the commerce ministry said last week.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with local automakers, state-run utilities companies and related organizations to establish an SPC by November to help overcome business hurdles for the hydrogen fuelling market.

Under the agreement, Hyundai Motor Co., the nation’s leading automaker; the state-run Korea Gas Corporation; and other companies will work together to install hydrogen fueling stations in major cities and on highways, reports The Korean Bizwire.

The government in Seoul plans to supply about 15,000 hydrogen vehicles and 310 charging stations nationwide by 2022 to tackle air pollution and foster demand for fuel cell vehicles.

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