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ISTOBAL launches a number of innovations

ISTOBAL, the Spanish group specialised in high quality car wash and car care solutions for the automotive industry, has launched new technologies seeking to increase equipment productivity, enhance the user experience, and protect the environment with sustainable solutions. These innovations were presented at UNITI expo 2018.

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New features and optional extras of the ISTOBAL M'NEX32

The Spanish group has included new features and optional extras in the ISTOBAL M'NEX32 rollover. Its payment terminal is now equipped with the new Smartdrive, a system that allows users to select a basic wash program and add different extras based on their needs and preference (e.g. insect remover, Glossy Tears wax, rainwater repellent, or rim spray, among others). Users will also be able to enjoy their car wash experience inside or outside the vehicle thanks to a number of devices that add to safety and comfort.

The company has also redesigned the Xtract Dosing System used with ISTOBAL esens® products to simplify handling and improve control of the washing process and the amount of chemicals. Using pure product, the new system generates less waste: a 2-litre bottle ensures the same number of services as the standard 20 or 25-litre container.

Other ISTOBAL M'NEX32 novelties include lit-up centring guides or a foamy rim spray which, in combination with ISTOBAL wheel wash systems, removes stubborn dirt thanks to its high foaming power and the penetration of product all over the wheel surface.

Jet wash accessories to make car caring easy, safe and fun

In the jet wash range, ISTOBAL highlights the ISTOBAL n'joyavant for two bays. The cabinet-fitted equipment includes a boiler, a water recirculation system for frost prevention, and all treatment and disinfection devices for mains, recirculated and osmotized water. Likewise, the company has launched a wide range of jet wash accessories designed to make car washing easier, more comfortable and fun: bicycle racks and accessories to be able to hang your helmet and your jacket, or children's spray guns to turn car washing into a family leisure activity. Other initiatives intended to surprise users include on-bay fragrance systems and special lighting for night washing.

Advanced recycling solutions to improve water quality and disinfection

ISTOBAL has designed a new advanced physical recycler that improves the quality of recycled water, reducing solids, turbidity, odours, surfactants and organic matter thanks to high-yield filtration. Additionally, the recycler's disinfection system doses a disinfectant agent into the recycled water tank and prevents microorganisms such as Legionella.

Devices for a better chemicals handling

The Spanish company has developed the Xtract Mixing System, a device for greater convenience, higher speeds and added safety thanks to the automatic dilution and mixing of chemical products in Xtract format. The ISTOBAL esens® Xtract superconcentrates have many advantages: reduction in C02 emissions, 90% less waste, and smaller storage requirements.

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