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SloanLED: Save time and money with a 1:2 upgrade of downlights on retrofit canopy light installations

There are numerous reasons to switch to LED canopy lighting: LED canopy fixtures use about 75% less energy than HID lamps, and about 50% less than fluorescent canopy lights; and the addition of smart controls provides increased control and savings. Reduced maintenance costs, better quality light, and lower environmental impact all add to the value of switching to LED canopy lighting; and by taking advantage of retrofit solutions, making the switch to LED is cheaper and easier to install, while still reaping all the benefits of LED lighting in your canopies.

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Standard retrofit solutions are a 1:1 upgrade of existing HID downlights using a 150 W driver at 86 W, 105 W, or higher, but another way to save big money is by using a high output product such as PDL3 MODUS High Output as a 1:2 upgrade. Light output levels of up to 23,100 lumens deliver extremely bright illumination, allowing installation of one high output replacement fixture for every two existing lamps, saving time and money on materials and installation, making your petroleum station a beacon of convenience and safety.

SloanLED’s PDL3 MODUS, available in Standard and High Output models, is a universal upgrade of existing HID downlights, featuring application-based high (200 W), medium (150 W), and low (75 W) driver solutions, an industry leading 10-year limited warranty making it the ideal luminaire replacement for petroleum canopies.

PDL3 MODUS sets new standards with its slim, lightweight, 25 mm design, and optimized radiation pattern; and unlike other surface mounting fixtures, L70 life rating is based on the highest brightness setting, and at the maximum ambient temperature, ensuring superior performance and reliability. This IP68-rated, surface mounting fixture is virtually maintenance free, sealed to keep out bugs, dust, and water, and built to last.

While other canopy lighting products build drivers into the fixtures, putting stress on both the LEDs and the drivers – shortening product lifespan, and requiring excessively large heat sinks – PDL3 MODUS, with remote driver solutions, is brilliantly designed for easy installation, outstanding performance, and high reliability. This all in one state-of-the-art package delivers faster ROI with virtually no maintenance, and the longest lifespan.

SloanLED is the leader in the development and application of LED technology for Solid State Lighting (SSL) solutions, serving customers in many commercial, architectural, and industrial markets. Founded in 1957, SloanLED is dedicated to providing the best LEDs and support, including some of the industry’s strongest warranties, superior technical assistance and unparalleled customer service. The company is headquartered in Ventura, Calif., with a European office located in The Netherlands servicing the rest of the world. More information on our products can be found at our website and in our Supplier profile.

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