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PSD Codax Helps Tout’s Budgens Win!

Car Wash Sales Up 15% After Installing the PSD Codax POS Solution. To learn more, visit PSD Codax in Hall 3, Stand 3B02 at the UNITI expo in Stuttgart, Germany from 15 – 17 May 2018.

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Installing the latest car wash access control system from PSD Codax has been a financial windfall for Tout Ltd., an independent retail chain that includes two car wash sites in Bristol, England. Tout’s serves as a model for integrating successful car washes into a thriving business to generate additional profits.

Darren Hamilton, the company’s Operations Manager, stated that Touts made a big investment in car wash equipment with their 2 new WashTec roll-overs after significant research indicated that the car wash segment was a strong and growing business. In addition to purchasing new car wash equipment they also enhanced the customer experience at the point of sale by investing in Autosentry Petro payment terminals with RFID AutoPassport technology by PSD Codax.

PSD Codax, also based in Nailsea, Bristol has been developing market-leading access control systems for the forecourt trade for over 25 years, and serves all business models in the car wash industry. The implementation of PSD Codax equipment helped Tout’s Budgens to increase their car wash sales by 15%; a gigantic improvement according to Mr. Hamilton.

The Autosentry Petro payment terminals are located at the entry of the washes so customers can purchase a wash from the convenience of their vehicle if they want a quick wash, or purchase a wash inside the store while paying for their groceries. In addition to providing this flexibility to Tout’s Budgens customers, the payment terminals are designed for contactless payment and accept payments via cards, smart phones and even smart watches to facilitate a fast and easy payment process!

The AutoSentry payment terminal also includes a large touchscreen that includes customized graphics and videos that expertly guide the customer through the car wash purchase process while maximizing the revenue associated with each purchase using a series of clever upgrade prompts. In addition, Tout’s new payment terminals utilize customized videos that cross market in-store products and services to deliver customers into the store thus creating more volume and spending at the forecourt.

With the AutoSentry Petro payment terminal the operator can proactively market their car wash services in a number of ways. In addition to selling upgrades and cross promoting in-store products and services, the system sells wash club subscriptions and enables multiple promotions such as bonus points, discounts, and loyalty cards. As an example, at Tout’s all 14,000 Signature Cardholders receive a 25% discount at the wash as an incentive to develop loyal, repeat customers.

In addition, the payment terminals at the Tout’s Budgens sites utilize the PSD Codax WashConnect system, an advanced management software that enables car wash operators to stay connected to their business with access to real-time car wash data on any smart phone or Windows-based computer.

“I would certainly recommend the system to other retailers.” said Mr. Hamilton.

In order to learn more please visit PSD Codax in Hall 3, Stand 3B02 at the UNITI expo in Stuttgart, Germany from 15 – 17 May 2018.

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