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Gilbarco Veeder-Root is connecting people at UNITI expo 2018

This year Gilbarco Veeder-Root will return to the third bi-annual UNITI expo in Stuttgart Germany with their most revolutionary tradeshow experience to date.

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Customers are number one for any business. Gilbarco Veeder-Root puts customers first in every action, every day. Our customers put their customers first and we focus a lot of attention on facilitating them to do that, at this year’s UNITI expo attendees will see first-hand exactly what that means for our customers.

The digital revolution has put the customer experience at the forefront of people’s expectations. More than ever customers want a smooth seamless experience, they want flexibility in their choices and they want it now. The new products Gilbarco Veeder-Root will be debuting at UNITI expo will facilitate businesses to offer their customers what they’re looking for, and give them a competitive advantage to do it better than ever before whilst optimising their opportunities to generate revenue.

Intuitive artificial intelligence driven software is at the core of one of this year’s star line-up, offering businesses the ability to leverage a unique personalised experience for every user, catering messaging to each customer based on an intuitive learning system, presenting upsell offers not only at point of sale but at the dispenser as well. Driving loyalty and engagement with customers through interactive systems designed to not only engage customers to get feedback on their experience but also learn their behaviours and create opportunities for businesses to create offers that will resonate best with their customers. 

As well as being customer centric the new offerings on display from Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s latest innovations assist business to identify when an item of machinery is close to failure, alerts allow station operators time to fix it out of peak times, giving them a fully operational forecourt at the times which matter most. Other services allow them to monitor their business from their mobile phone, giving them the flexibility to be anywhere and see real time data so they’ve always got a view of their business.

This and so much more is going to be on display at this year’s UNITI expo, including a first-hand look at what the dispensing technology of tomorrow could look like today. Be sure to visit Gilbarco Veeder-Root at Hall 5 5C40 to see these new technologies first hand and get a glimpse of the forecourt of the future.

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