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New SMARTFLEX superlight welding unit by NUPI

See us at UNITI expo Stand 5D37! New SMARTFLEX superlight welding unit with USB port for data download item code 19SSEL8404SL/220. It welds up to DN110 for the single wall system and up to DN90 for the double wall system. The multifunction welding unit can be used to weld SMARTFLEX pipes and fittings by electrofusion welding process reading the barcode welding parameters with a barcode scanner. Available now in NUPI warehouses around the world!

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SMARTFLEX installation technology is based on electrofusion welding, one of the most used connection methods in the installation of polyethylene pipes. Electrofusion is the thermal junction process between pipe and fitting obtained by heating a resistance wire included in the fitting. Due to the Joule effect, the thermal energy created by this resistance heating softens the components in contact causing them to melt and amalgamate after the cooling down period. The electrofusion welding process provides a reliable and fast connection.

The SMARTFLEX complete HDPE multilayer pipe and fitting system for the transfer of automotive and aviation fuels, biofuels and hazardous fluids manufactured by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. is already used and approved by all major international petroleum companies.

All products are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations making the system suitable to various kinds of installation, offering cutting-edge technology and installation cost-reduction. The quality of the materials used and the strict quality controls in its manufacture allows NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. to provide a product warranty of 30 years.

The key materials employed in the production of SMARTFLEX is high-density polyethylene HDPE - PE100 - a material with high durability and working benefits to the user. Moreover, HDPE can be a more cost-effective solution than more traditional materials such as metal.

All SMARTFLEX primary piping consists of a multi-layer composite wall lined product pipe that combines the excellent mechanical properties of HDPE with the low permeability and high resistance to hydro-carbons of a new class of polymers used in the lining material and creates a level of hydro-carbon compatibility unattainable by other fuel pipes available on the market today.

The most common applications for SMARTFLEX pipes and fittings, both in suction and pressure installations, are road and motorway service stations, harbor and marine service stations, fuel distribution in airports, fuel storage tanks and generator connections to fuel tanks.

The SMARTFLEX system has been optimized for use in underground applications and for the conveyance of the widest range of the most common fuels available on the market. It is also compatible with mixtures of these fuels combined in the most varied percentages.

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