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BP Turkey rolls out Leighton O’Brien’s monitoring technology

BP Turkey has implemented Leighton O’Brien’s Wetstock Live solution in collaboration with licensed software partner ACE Consulting and Engineering Inc.

Last update:

Leighton O’Brien’s real time wetstock management platform has been rolled out to BP Turkey’s 687 sites.

Prof. Cem Avci, Technical Consultant at ACE, said the implementation reaffirms BP’s continuing commitment to achieving the highest environmental compliance standards with the quality fuel loss monitoring technology.

“The fact that it can quantitatively detect losses of 0.189 liters per hour with 99.6% accuracy means we’ve been able to report true loss, rather than providing simple variance reports with potential issues leading to high false alarm rates,” said Prof. Avci.

With almost 700 sites, BP Turkey has around a 10% share of the market.

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