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Tatsuno and Madic announce new partnership at UNITI expo

Tatsuno Corporation and MADIC Group have announced a new partnership for the fuelling sector in Western Europe and Frech-speaking African countries. We talked to Mr. Tatsuno about the new partnership, innovations and UNITI expo 2018.

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Interview with Hiromichi Tatsuno

Japanese fuel equipment manufacturer Tatsuno Corportation will be expanding its product offering to Western Europe after agreeing a new partnership with Madic, one of the largest service companies for petrol stations in France with operations in Western Europe and a part of Africa.

The deal was announced on May 15 in the context of UNITI expo 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. An event was organized at the Mercedes-Benz Museum that evening to celebrate the official announcement.

“MADIC Group is introducing the new dispenser brand Tatsuno to the Western part of Europe as its new partner,” said Hiromichi Tatsuno, President of the company, at the event.

Tatsuno is highly positioned in the Asian market as a pump manufacturer. The company has many operations in Eastern Europe torugh its subsidiary Tatsuno Europe, which has factory in Blansko, Czech Republic.

According to Christian Blossier, chairman of MADIC Group, the partnership had been discussed for some time but the recent concentration of the forecourt market accelerated the partnership.

“There are 3 essential reasons why (we) are the right partners. First, both are family companies, conscious of sustainability, but both with a certain reluctance regarding financial investors from outside. Second, (we) share the same values based on the respect of the human, of the company, and of the planet. Third, the same vision of the company very oriented to “Customer satisfaction,” said Blossier in his speech.

MADIC offers a wide range of fueling solutions for the forecourt market as well as having a diversified portfolio in non-oil markets, unattended payment and digital signage. Its subsidiary, LAFON Technology, develops payment terminal solutions.

Both Tatsuno and the MADIC Group were exhibitors at last week's UNITI expo 2018. 

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