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PTT to invest in electric mobility in Thailand

Thai oil giant PTT Group has announced plans to invest in the electric vehicle market through dealerships, battery manufacturing and charging infrastructure.

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PTT Group, Thailand’s largest fuel retailer, has identified electric vehicles as a business segment for growth. Tevin Vongvanich, the company’s chief executive officer and president, said the company was talking to a number of car manufacturers about the opportunities in the market.

The Thai company would not be producing electric vehicles but would become a dealer instead. The manufacturing of batteries to cater those vehicles is something they are considering, said Vongvanich to a group of journalists on a trip to Germany to learn more about EVs, reports The Nation.

Providing charging stations across Thailand would also be one of the key business aspects.

In addition to investing in the EV market, PTT will also focus on promoting LNG, regional growth and taking its Café Amazon to a global stage as part of its development strategy.

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