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Experience the future with the innovative solutions by MEPSAN at your retail forecourts

MEPSAN Petroleum Equipment Co. which has been steadily investing in the petroleum retail industry was one of the most attention-taking innovative companies at UNITI expo 2018 held in Stuttgart between 15-17th May.

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SMART ELBOW, which is one of the recent patented innovative solutions of the company under its MEPSENSE brand was the most interesting technological solutions of the event. It is an innovative product to eliminate basically the cross-fillings between gasoline and diesel into the storage tanks at the refueling stations. Different from the other solutions provided in the market, SMART ELBOW totally fulfills the expectations and promise more in terms of flexible usage thanks to its stationary and portable options which is not available in any other solution in the market, complete security by its multiple-authorisation scenerio management, comprehensive monitoring of fuels quality and filling operations by mobile apps, full efficiency by its complete prevention system against the mix of gasoline and diesel in the tank and capability of a wide range of customisation options according to the different field requirements. "This smart solution is not only for the elimination of cross-fillings" says Mr. Melih Ozparlak, Regional Manager of Europe and adds "This patented innovative product will be a gateway of filling operations, one of the most ignored field in terms of technology utilisation upto now, to the rest of the systems used on the forecourts such as tank gauging and even fuel stock management systems. Because the solution itself creates data from the filling operations, this data will be able to be integrated into such systems for cross-checks of some inputs such as time, date, fuel quality, temprature and many others. This one, the visitors experienced in UNITI 2018, was the first generation that is promising all above. However, the next generation is on the way with volume measurement and fully integrated with STAWIZ ATG System of MEPSAN" Mr. Ozparlak concludes.

The company's innovative solutions was not only for the prevention of cross-fillings to the storage tanks at the forecourts but also for the secure fillings into the vehicles by STAWIZ Vehicle Identification System (VIS), that is operating with UHF technology, one of the firsts that is adopting this technology into its system. Different from all the other similar solutions provided to the market, the system completely works in wireless principle and provides a cost effective battery management thanks to its dividable structure of nozzle kit. The UHF vehicle tags provided in ceramic and rubber options, enables flexible and easy set-up and installation in order to meet the requirement of quick start-ups of large fleets with the system. As a part of MEPSAN's STAWIZ Fuel Management System, the VIS solution is completed with STAWIZ Plus central management and loyalty software developed by MEPSAN. Mr. Alper Uysaler, Automations Product Manager, says "STAWIZ Fuel Management System and its modules such as ATG, VIS and CIS is one of the most comprehensive central online management system all over the market. We have been integrating our automation modules into our industrial fleet dispensers and providing them as a plug & play complete package under the name SMARTLINE All-In-One Fleet and Fuel Management System to the clients who are operating in the commercial segment as well as in the retail market who are willing to get cost optimization on their forecourts with fully-self-automated dispensers" and he concludes "Moreover, we have intorduced our self-service payment devices on our dispensers with a different approach to self-service operations. STAWIZ SST, the self-service terminal which can be installed on-dispenser or be provided in stand-alone versions are eliminating the use of banknotes and physically the bank and credit cards which are the main security concerns during the filling and payment transactions. SST is promising a cost effective forecourt investment that enables a range of tools such as payment via smart phones by virtual barcodes or many different options, VIS and CIS, those could be prepaid or postpaid and fiscal or non-fiscal transactions. SST is a platform that could be customised based on the requirements of different customer scenerios."

Dispensers, one of the core business of MEPSAN, were on the stand under SMARTLINE Series. With the renewed Smart Panels, which were developed to house OPT devices, card readers, electronic cash registers and media functions, SMARTLINE family was the most eye-catching dispensers of the event. "MEPSAN has been always one of the most innovative manufacturers in the dispsenser business thanks to its capability of quick-understanding of the field requirements" says Mr. Ibrahim Cevik, the Regional Manager of AME. "We are able to adapt quickly to the requirements of the field. The multi-combo dispenser housing gasoline, diesel, adblue and lpg we presented on our stand is one of the result of this capability. We are manufacturing dispensers also for CNG which is now most up-trending alternative fuel in Europe. MEPSAN has the capability to provide multi-combined fuel deliveries on a single dispenser frame, and why not LNG and even electric delivery combined in the near future" he adds and concludes "MEPSAN is one of the most outstanding manufacturer of dispensers with innovative and patented solutions such as distinguished pulser system, pump ID system, smart vapor recovery system, modular dispenser electronics and so on".

Submersible Turbine Pumps, which are one of the most demanded products especially in the Americas and in the Asia Pacific regions, are one of the most growing business of MEPSAN. " Many of our clients from LA and AP regions came to visit us to get updated about our MEPSAN SB series STPs" says Mr. Vishal Rattan, the Regional Manager of AP/LA and concludes "During their visit, our clients have also experienced our other innovative products and recognised once more our power to serve globally".

MEPSAN, under the umbrella of MLB Group, has been growing with its sister companies TRACO the storage tank and tanker manufacturer, MITES the measurement systems and industrial components manufacturer, and MPT the environmental solutions provider. It seems MEPSAN will keep its significant gradual development with more new investments in the energy industry.

Partnership between Mepsan and Aldrees

After long negotiations, Aldrees, the largest petroleum retail company in Saudi Arabia, has chosen  Mepsan as an automation solution partner. Aldrees, which has 500 stations, predicts its target for 1.5 million in 2020, along with working with Mepsan for the first Vehicle Recognition project in Saudi Arabia. Currently, Aldrees customers with 1500 Mepsan UHF vehicle kit per day enjoy this technology with confidence in Mepsan's integrated solutions.

Mepsan is proud of being a very important reference point in our country as well as strengthening its position in the sector with this business partnership. Mepsan, combining this cost with the latest technology by choosing among the most important companies with this project, took a big step to be the most important player in the automation and vehicle recognition systems of the Middle East.

The newly developed Stawiz  is programmed with a flexible structure that allows for any customizable TTS and MTS programs to be designed to appeal to our customers' demographic mass and is modularly according to the needs of the end user, including reports, in a modular way, including feedback reports.

Therefore, Aldrees determines the loyalty programs it wants and increases its portfolio by offering its own rules and frameworks to its customers. In this respect, the most important companies of Saudi Arabia highly prefer Aldrees.

We hope this project, which was developed with 100% Turkish engineering, to be beneficial to Mepsan and our country.

Mepsan's new automation platform "STAWIZ"

Stawiz Plus has a user-friendly and customizable interface that gives the firm and its authorized users many advantages. While our software team developed Stawiz Plus, Mepsan branded it as a technology beyond all necessities by evaluating the returns taken from the field in all automation software.

Especially in the filtering process, it provides positive benefits to the users in terms of effective time management as it enables to create filters for every query taken throughout the application and to save them and to use them again without needing to reorganize them when needed.

If desired, Stawiz Plus Advantages, in-page documentation on each page and each piece can provide all the necessary information about usage without the need for separate documentation. Graphic reports provide a more visual presentation than lists.

At Stawiz Plus, a customer can be thought of as a distributor and multiple vehicle fleets under the customer, vehicle groups under the vehicles, vehicles under the vehicle groups can be identified. This structure makes it possible to distribute discounts made to a customer at lower levels. In addition, customers can be identified as a share of that customer's commission when they bring in another customer.

In Stawiz Plus, the payment term (pre-pay / post-pay / loyalty) is defined on a per-tag basis, not on a customer basis. This allows a customer to work with different payment terms.

The solution partnership between Mepsan and Kadoil has been successfully carried out for years and becomes stronger every day

Kadoil, one of the highly esteemed companies in the fuel sector, is continuosly supported by Mepsan, in regards with  innovative and technological solutions in stations throughout Turkey.

Mepsan is delighted to take this solution partnership to the next level together with the latest system, the latest system of KADOMATİK, in the vehicle recognition system that Mepsan developed specially for Kadoil.

Mepsan’s new platform, Stawiz +, is designed as a technology beyond the needs of all automation software by evaluating field returns. While using layered structure in coding infrastructure has many advantages as performance and security, it also makes it possible that reporting in this structure can be  an opportunity to be presented as a template without loss of performance in the direction of companies.

The fuel management of the vehicles included in the system together with the start of the KADOMATİK system can now be monitored online with Mepsan's Stawiz + vehicle identification system.

Stawiz + automation systems providing data management, software version tracking and data transfer control with industrial PC based technology with Linux operating system in Kadoil also provide numerous security and business management solution.

Mepsan aims to provide high quality customer satisfaction with its services designed to provide special customer experience and aims to continue the Kadoil business association for many years with the new technologies it uses.

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