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English Español Spain: Cepsa inaugurates its first smart building flagship service station

The new site is Cepsa's third flagship service station and the first to feature a smart building.

Last update:

Cepsa has inaugurated a new service station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, under a new flagship concept with a smart building. The ceremony was attended by Cepsa executives and local representatives.

A new technique has been used to construct the smart building, consisting of two prefabricated modules designed and assembled by Cepsa using non-traditional construction methods, which are safer and more efficient, minimizing risks of accidents and halving the construction time to two months, according to the company.

The building incorporates advanced technologies in terms of energy efficiency, such as a ventilated facade made up of a tempered glass enclosure that reduces heat loss, a centralized air-conditioning system and a geothermal air pre-treatment system, harnessing the temperature underground to heat or cool the outside air.

The service station is located in Taco, very close to the access road from the Tenerife North Highway in the direction of Santa Cruz, and is the first to have a smart building, which features the latest trends in innovation, sustainability and efficiency.

Twelve people will work at the new station, in addition to the 80 employees already working in the Cepsa network in the Canary Islands. It is expected to receive more than 13,000 customers per month.

Cepsa currently has an extensive network of nearly 1,800 service stations in Spain and Portugal, 81 of which are located in the Canary Islands.

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