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Oil&nonoil 2018 – an event that will reflect ongoing changes

By the time the thirteenth Oil&nonoil-S&TC exhibition takes place, it will already be possible to weigh up the first effects of the legislative and market initiatives that are currently changing the fuel distribution network. The strategic choices of retailers are becoming increasingly significant. Veronafiere aims to offer a fair of international standing. There will be meetings, seminars and workshops to deepen the analysis of the issues that most interest operators.

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Author: Veronafiere Spa

The thirteenth Oil&nonoil–S&TC fair, Italy’s only event aimed at operators across the liquid and gaseous fuel supply industry, will be taking place at the Veronafiere fairgrounds from 9th to 11th October this year.

However, the event embraces an even wider area of commercial interest as, from year to year, in a bid to monitor and interpret developments in the field, Oil&nonoil has also focused on energy for mobility and services for motorists.

“Since 2012, we have been strengthening the assets of our events for the automotive and logistics sectors – explains Giovanni Mantovani, general manager of Veronafiere S.p.a. –, monitoring, through Oil&nonoil, the strategic sector of fuels (fossil and otherwise) and service stations. This sector has undergone a profound reorganization, and within this context our fair sets out to be a business event, but also an opportunity to address this evolution and all the key issues related to energy, technological innovation and mobility (of people and goods), and how they affect production, the environment and communities.”

An event that will reflect ongoing changes

2018 will bring radical changes across the sector, and by October it will already be possible to have an initial idea of the effects, on the network, of the various reforms and legislative interventions, and also of the changes with regard to the protagonists within the Italian market of fuel and energy for mobility.

Over the year, we will be observing the changing face of the sector, which is increasingly shaped by the strategic vision and choices of retail network operators, both large and small, ranging from the AG Group to operators who own just a few service stations.

Will we also be seeing a crackdown on illegal practices, thanks to measures designed to combat fraud within fuel distribution? How will the network change as an effect of the Italian law on competition, which will lead to the closure of non-compliant facilities? Will the installation of LNG and electric recharging points respect the objectives set by the European directive on alternative fuel infrastructures? What kind of innovative drive will be spearheaded in the non-oil business by the new leaders that have taken over from Esso and Total-Erg within the fuel distribution sector? What organizational choices will be made by independent operators, and how much more weight will they carry within the market? These are the issues and questions that will be “fueling” Oil&nonoil 2018, where discussion of analyses, surveys and outlooks will be interwoven with technical and commercial offers for the structural renovation of service stations.

The car wash industry

After struggling for years, the car wash industry (machinery, chemicals, ancillary equipment, brushes, waste water treatment systems, and so on) is now experiencing a period of lively recovery, and Oil&nonoil sets out to be an opportunity for verification and revival for producers and operators alike.

Meetings, seminars and workshops

There is no need to change a successful formula, and therefore the meetings will be organized along the same lines as in previous years. The issues dealt with will be topical and based on suggestions received from the most representative associations, exhibiting companies, sponsors and media partners.

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