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OPW Product Experts On CNG And LPG

Sustainable Reliable Fuelling.

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OPW’s BNA-300 Nozzle For LPG Fuelling
OPW’s BNA-300 Nozzle For LPG Fuelling | © OPW Global

As oil prices rise globally, increasing the price of traditional liquid fuels, European cities are establishing timelines to restrict or ban diesel outright.  The focus is shifting to low emission, sustainable and renewable fuels, and the transportation industry is responding in kind.

Recent activity in the electric vehicle market has dominated the headlines, but Compressed Natural Gas and Autogas (CNG and LPG) technologies have been quietly reducing greenhouse gas emissions for decades. The technology is widespread over the globe and is well suited for a diverse range of transportation applications including cars, buses, trucks and many more. OPW has supported this market for decades with reliable, cost effective and innovative fuel dispensing products.

OPW’s Pistol Grip Self-Service Nozzle For CNG Fuelling
OPW’s Pistol Grip Self-Service Nozzle For CNG Fuelling | © OPW Global

OPW works with a wide range of leading companies across the EMEA region, supplying CNG and LPG products including nozzles, breakaways and shear valves.

"Methane contains less carbon, is not toxic and cannot contaminate groundwater. It’s the ideal alternative to replace diesel for commercial vehicles. OPW offers a high quality reliable range of fuelling equipment to enable a rapid and easy transition from diesel to clean fuels".

Ronald Pinka, CNG Product Expert EMEA

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