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Bluebasic patented AdBlue production plant: Where quality meets convenience

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With the wide increase of AdBlue adoption in most countries outside Europe, it is not anymore viable to send AdBlue in packed products or isotanks/flexitanks from the main AdBlue production sites present in Europe and USA to the final destinations.

AdBlue cost is in fact very much influenced by logistic (due to its composition that is made 67,5% of demi water) and it becomes important in order to be competitive to relocate the AdBlue production locally but always maintaining the high quality standards required.

Bluebasic, after being one of the main AdBlue producer in Europe, has also developed in the last 10 years a complete range of AdBlue production plants able to guarantee high quality level, high productivity and at the same time allowing the owner of the plant to be very competitive on the local market.

Bluebasic solution doesn’t stop with the supply of the AdBlue production plant but is a full concept where the plant buyer is supported in each stage, from planning to production till maintenance, urea AdBlue grade supply, license support with dedicated procedures, marketing and commercial activities.

Each of our plant is remotely controlled and we can intervene in each stage of production; installation and start-up of the plant is rapid and one of our plant can be installed in less than 1 week. Our plants are installed in skid containers and can rapidly be shipped and moved around the globe. Plant maintenance is easy and fast due to the fact that most of our plants are modular and use where possible  the same components that we have always in stock and we can ship in short time, predictive maintenance is also made simple due to the fact that having most of similar plants running on the market we know exactly maintenance interval of each component.

Today we have customers all around the world and we have helped them to become main players in their markets, Bluebasic partners around the world can provide competitive AdBlue and high quality standards guaranteed from production and product audits that Bluebasic make seriously and regularly to their production plants.

If you want to start your own AdBlue production plant, we know what you need and we can be your ideal partners.

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