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Applegreen launches new and improved fuel ‘fuelgood’

Irish fuel retailer has launched ‘fuelgood,’ a new improved unleaded and diesel base fuel with an additive that enhances performance and reduces emissions.

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Applegreen's new formula for Irish petrol stations promises to save customers up to 4c a litre.

“Our most advanced fuel ever, at no extra cost; with fuelgood we’ve improved our Unleaded and Diesel base fuel with an additive to deliver a markedly enhanced product that’s better for your car, the environment,” said Applegreen on its website.

The rollout of the unleaded petrol and diesel fuel as standard has begun and is expected to be available in all Applegreen forecourts nationwide by the end of 2018.

Applegreen, established in 1992, has over 184 service stations in Ireland and employs around 2,500 people here.

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