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Air Liquide launches hydrogen station app

Air Liquide launched an app this week to help hydrogen (H2) vehicle drivers find the nearest fuelling station to them.

Last update:

H2 Station Finder, which first features stations in California, is available via iOS and Google Play stores. Additional H2 stations in the US and Europe will be added later this year, according to the company.

Today, there are 35 publicly available H2 stations for fuelling electric vehicles (FCEVs) in California, with more set to open to the public later this year. Given this steady growth in availability, the Tier One corporation will be providing H2 drivers a connected, digital experience that makes it simple and easy to fuel up on the road.

“H2 drivers need to feel confident that they can get from Point A to Point B with ease, and ensuring they have access to H2 fuelling stations along their route is a critical part of that,” said Ole Hoefelmann, CEO of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies US LLC.

Air Liquide has designed and installed 100 stations around the world to date.

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