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New hydrogen refuelling station opens in Germany

H2 Mobility Deutschland and its shareholders Shell and Air Liquide have today jointly opened the first hydrogen refuelling station in the Kassel district – the fifth in the state of Hesse.

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With the refuelling station at Shell SVG Autohof Lohfelden, the partners are taking a further step towards a comprehensive H2 supply network in Germany.

The service station is located directly at the Kassel-Mitte intersection of federal motorways 7 and 49, and close to motorways 44 and 38.

“Germany is on the way to becoming a pioneer when it comes to electomobility with hydrogen. We are currently building the backbone of the hydrogen infrastructure with the first 100 refuelling stations by 2019,” said Nikolas Iwan, managing director of H2 Mobility Deutschland GmbH.

The principal and operator of the new H2 refuelling station is the joint venture H2 Mobility, which is establishing a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. The Shell SVG Autohof is owned by SVG Hessen. The refuelling station technology comes from gas and technology company Air Liquide.

The EUR 1.4 million facility is being supported by the European Commission in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T CEF), in the “Connecting Hydrogen Refuelling Stations” (COHRS) project.

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