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Yesway drives 45.2% of its loyalty members from pump to store with Paytronix

Loyaltees Award winner drives more visits, fuel purchases and in-store spend with Paytronix data-driven decisions.

Last update:

Yesway has won the 2018 Paytronix Loyaltee Award for Best Convenience Store Loyalty Launch. The Yesway Rewards program helps this innovative brand generate a unique experience that engages customers and motivates them to visit its stores and pumps more frequently.

Yesway is a rapidly-growing convenience store chain headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa with 150 locations across the Midwest. The Yesway brand was launched in December of 2015 by private equity firm Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC with a goal to acquire, improve and rebrand approximately 500 convenience stores.

“Paytronix gives us a multi-pronged approach to communicating with our loyalty customers via email and mobile messaging, which is directly tied to store-level promotions. It is a powerful platform,” said Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager at Yesway.

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