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Premium quality: Klean!Star iQ vehicle wash system from Kärcher

Sophisticated washing and drying technology for busy sites.

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Strongly contoured vehicles, discerning customers: The requirements of vehicle wash systems are becoming more demanding. If mineral oil companies, service stations or car dealerships want to offer their customers a premium service with a high washing volume, then powerful systems are required. Kärcher responds to this requirement with the premium gantry vehicle wash system Klean!Star iQ. It impresses with a unique side brush, a new wheel wash system and a high-performance dryer that also achieves excellent results with difficult vehicle contours in one passage. Installation times are reduced to just a few days thanks to a new assembly concept.

In order to offer the best possible quality at busy sites, owners/operators need vehicle wash systems with excellent functions. The Klean!Star iQ is designed precisely for this purpose. K!Brush iQ, an intelligent side brush, which is divided into five to seven individual segments, is included, for example. As a result, it is able to follow the shape of the vehicle and give it a deep clean. The new wheel wash system K!Planet iQ is also beneficial as even large rims or rims on large vehicles can be reached. The planetary wheel washer works like an electric toothbrush with three rotating brush discs which change their direction of rotation rhythmically.

Kärcher also developed a system in the area of drying that is unique on the market. Besides the standard system that follows the contour and works with a fixed air outlet, there is a 30° adjustable solution as well as the high-performance dryer K!Dry iQ. It works with two tubes including nozzles that are arranged in blade form. They move over the vehicle and can be rotated 270°. The blowers rotate at a high speed of roughly 18,000 rpm. This way the air reaches difficult areas such as under the spoiler and also dries models with sophisticated contours in one passage.

In addition to these highlights, the Klean!Star iQ offers all properties that correspond to the market standard. For instance, the roof brush can be adjusted in three stages in order to cover three different wash heights with one steel structure height. The wash hall height is thus used as effectively as possible. Different high pressure options can also be selected as well as efficient cleaning agents from the Klear!Line range.

The design of the front doors can be individually created in three versions. The Kärcher standard design, eight different colours or a customised colour are available for the entire system. Standardised transport is possible thanks to a new assembly and transport concept, which complies with the high safety requirements of mineral oil companies. The vehicle wash system is also delivered fully assembled so that installation on-site is completed in just a few days.

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