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Germany: New hydrogen filling station in Stuhr

H2 MOBILITY Deutschland, Shell, and Nel have opened Lower Saxony’s second hydrogen station.

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By commissioning the station at the Shell Autohof Stuhr – Groß Mackenstedt rest stop, the partners are taking a further step towards establishing a nationwide H2 supply network in Germany.

The owner and operator of the new H2 station at the Shell rest stop is the H2 MOBILITY joint venture. The filling-station technology is by Nel. The hydrogen station is state of the art, and its driver-side operation is intuitive; the refuelling process is similar to that of conventional vehicles and can be completed in three to five minutes.

The facility holds around 170 kilograms of hydrogen – enough to refuel 30 to 40 vehicles a day.

“Hydrogen technology is a promising way forward, and hydrogen a fuel that lends itself for clean mobility. We expect that this alternative drive will play an increasingly important role in markets such as Germany, England, Benelux, the USA, and Japan from the 2020s onwards,” said Thomas Zengerly, Chairman & CEO, Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH.

The operation of an H2-powered fuel-cell vehicle causes neither local pollutants nor carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Such vehicles currently have a range of 500 to 800 kilometres on a full tank of fuel.

The European Commission is funding a total of 17 facilities in the ‘trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T CEF)’, including the Stuhr station, with a total of 11 million euros, through its ‘Connecting Hydrogen Refuelling Stations’ (COHRS) project.

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