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ICA launches new report into water usage at car wash sites

The International Carwash Association looks into water use, evaporation and carryout.

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The study looks to provide a current look at water use, evaporation and carryout, and the use of reclaim water in professional vehicle washes. Since the first ICA field study in 2002, car wash technology has changed, with several improvements to improve water efficiency.

These improvements help provide financial benefits to the car wash owner/operator, assist in meeting regulatory requirements and allow the industry to improve its environmental profile. Specific requirements to meet limits in water consumption have also helped drive the use of reclaim systems in car washes, as well as a state law in California requiring the use of reclaim in car washes constructed after 2013.

Carried out on behalf of the International Carwash Association during the summer of 2017, the report is organized into an Executive Summary, a chapter each on Conveyor Car Washes and In-Bay Automatic Car Washes, recommendations, and appendices for the benefit of the ICA and its constituents.

Six conveyor car washes located in northern California volunteered the use of their facilities for the collection of data. Evaporation and carryout represent a consumptive use of about 20% of the freshwater used in the professional car wash, according to the study.

Read the full report here

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