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Novyc International, Latin Americas Preferred Vendor For Electronic Price Systems

Novyc has specialized in the design and production of electronic price systems for the petroleum industry since 1985. What originally began as a North American business, today covers 30+ countries with the largest volume of sales coming from Latin American clients. With multiple manufacturing locations around the world Novyc works in partnership with image builders and sign manufacturers to deliver a turnkey solution which is fast & reliable for major petroleum retailers involved in network growth through acquisition and new image conversions.

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Copec, Primax, Repsol, Terpel & Petrobras are all major petroleum customers who have in recent years contracted with Novyc International.

Their reason for selecting Novyc International:

  • Quality designed IP 67 LED Price system
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty coverage
  • Competitive total cost of ownership
  • Simple/efficient design with faster installation, for Sign manufacturers & installers saving time and money for all.

The five major petrol retailers mentioned above have combined to purchase and install over 7000 LED price systems in multiple countries across South America which serves as a testament to Novyc quality and performance.

The Novyc Staff in South America have built strong relationships with customers and signage partners providing a quality product which is supported by local Novyc personnel & technical support services.

Why do major petrol retailers in South America prefer Novyc over the competition?

First, because the retail markets evolution and increased demand for high quality Price Change Units (PCU) is a key element in the total station image and branding.

Second, petrol retailers feel confident when selecting a proven international supplier, as Novyc has a record in delivering large scale program production, and in country coordination with local installers to deliver a seamless solution to customers.

With many years of successful execution in Latin America, clients have confidence in contracting with Novyc International, benefiting from proven expertise of the market leader for supply of price systems in South America.


If you would like further information on Novyc International and our products, please get in touch with Mr. David Cescon, Vice President & Managing Partner at +1 514-683-0300 ext. 2014 or through the contact form on the right.

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