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Live updates from the NACS PEI Show in Las Vegas, October 8-10

Read our LIVE FEED from the NACS Show 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. During the three days of the show we will be posting updates with information on the event, comments from exhibitors and much more.

Last update:

IT’S A WRAP! Under the theme “Competition” the 2018 NACS Show finalized another edition that saw thousands of exhibitors and visitors from the U.S. and around the world gather in Las Vegas to push the industry forward.

Cloud solutions and IoT technology continue to boost operations for forecourt managers, reducing risks and maximizing profit. The new generation of dispensers with large screens and interactive displays will open up new marketing channels and ways to communicate with the customer. In the fuel storage area, the new EPA underground storage tank regulations were the main theme.

In terms of convenience trends, craft and Mexican beers, smokeless tobacco, fresh food items, quality coffee as well as water and energy drinks are the start products for convenience store retailers.

PetrolPlaza will be covering these topics in-depth in its upcoming video reports of the 2018 NACS Show and PEI Convention.

16:00, 10 October

12:15, 10 October

“The show for us this year is really very very good. We enjoyed the booth traffic expanded from last year, but this year our focus was really on EMV. We want to make sure the retailers and end customers are prepared for it when an EMV date comes in October 2020. We had a lot of great feedback, because our concern for them is a simple fact that if they don’t start upgrading to EMV today, by the time the date comes around everybody will be rushing to do it and you will not be able to get it done on time. Again, that’s why we emphasized it this year and I think there was a very successful response from them. The show was really good this year, well attended, and we look forward to next year.” // Dave LaCaille, Director, U.S. Sales, Wayne Fueling Systems / Dover Fueling Solutions

Read more about the solutions offered by DFS in their press release published on PetrolPlaza.

12:00, 10 October

“This year at the PEI NACS Show for OPW Retail Fueling we had a great time. We were able to show a few products we’ve been working on: the cleaner diesel, the CARB approved Dripless Nozzle, and then few other really interesting and new products that the market’s been asking for for a long time; as well as a few innovative below ground products to meet the new EPA rules and answer some of the concerns that our customers have had. We see a lot of action in the truck stop business as well, and we have moved into developing a few products for that, such as the loop system for truck stop applications and double-wall sumps. We had a great time and really liked this experience in Vegas, a lot of our customers were intrigued by few of the ways we are trying to solve their problems. I look forward to the good rest of the year and to the next year.” // Josh Vander Hey, Western Regional Manager, OPW

11:40, 10 October

“This has been a very good show for us. People from all over the world have come to Vegas and visited our booth, checked our new innovation products, our new vapor recovery products, our new Red Jacket products, so it has been awesome for us. Everybody in the Latin America and Mexico are trying to bring our technology to their countries and to their markets, so it is very exciting for us to have all these people here. Vegas is the best place for Latin American visitors; everyone wants to come to Vegas, so usually there are many visitors from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Central America. I would say Spanish is the second language that you speak here at the NACS Show.” // Alejandro Montoya, Marketing Director Vapor Products & Red Jacket, Veeder-Root Company

11:30, 10 October

Oscar Smith Diamante interviewing Leon Schuster, Senior Product Manager, Submersible Pumping Systems at Franklin Fueling Systems.

11:00, 10 October

“I thought it was a very well attended show – more attendees this year than last year, and we were very pleased with the customer traffic we had in the booth. We’ve gone with a new both setup this year, got a good location here on the main aisle, and so we had a lot of customers come through. We do business internationally, we have a VP of our international business unit, we have licensees in certain parts of the world that make tanks to our technology. And then we also ship from North America to certain other international locations as well.” // Tom Tietjen, Vice President Fuel Markets, ZCL | Xerxes

10:50, 10 October

„Our sixth consecutive Cool New Products this year. It’s been a fantastic show!” // Matthew Sterwerf, Outdoor Cleaning Solutions, CAF

10:25, 10 October

“The NACS Show this year has surpassed our expectations. We’ve had really nice traffic back here with some of our key accounts coming through the show, and all sorts of great opportunities for further discussions and relationships with some of our industry partners that are our key to being successful. We’ve recently expanded into the European market, currently in Scandinavia, and we’re looking at moving more into Europe with a Turtle Wax Pro brand. There’s a really strong brand recognition in a lot of countries, and we look forward to attending UNITI in a couple of years and showcasing our products there.” // Nathan Ewing, President, Turtle Wax Pro

10:00, 10 October

“It’s been a good show for us. I would say day one was obviously very busy but we’ve had a very steady day two as well, which was nice. We’re showcasing some of our gauges, some new things that we’ve added to previous gauges we’ve had, some alarm capabilities, as well as some other small tank gauges. We are especially interested in our domestic market here in the US.” // Kelly Mulligan, Marketing Director, Morrison Bros. Co.

9:45, 10 October

Starting a new day with a complement from our good old PetrolPlaza readers and customers:

“It’s a pleasure again to be able to work together with PetrolPlaza. We are at the PEI Show, this is BRUGG Pipesystems. We are excited this year to be able to partner with UL in their introduction of UL 1369:2018, which is a new aboveground standard for piping with hazardous liquids. We’ve been working together with them for a couple of years. It is going to affect Canada and the US in a dramatic fashion, and we’re excited to say that the pipe systems that BRUGG produces will be a perfect fit for the UL 1369:2018 application. So we’re looking forward to opportunities for aboveground applications for years to come in partnership with this new UL guideline.” // Kelly Crellin, President, BRUGG Pipesystems

18:10, 9 October

The second day ends with a traditional PEI reception:

17:10, 9 October

“This is a good show for us. We work primarily on the entrance to the carwash – Innovative Control Systems offers self-service payment kiosks for carwashes. When customers arrive, they can make payments, they can buy wash packages, they can sign up for subscription services – things like that. At NACS, we always have a great group of international customers come through. They come to see what we are doing new, looking at all the new technology and how it’s changing what they can do for their sites. So it’s been really good for us to have that kind of exposure here, and this year it’s been no different.” // Rob Deal, Vice President, Innovative Control Systems

16:50, 9 October

PetrolPlaza team interviewing John Keller, Division Director at Price Advantage. Our video reports will be ready in a couple of days after the show and featured in the NACS Special Newsletter.

16:20, 9 October

“The show has been awesome. The quality of contacts that we’ve made is above what we have expected and we can’t wait for day three! The interest in tank and line testing for countries throughout the world is greater than it ever has been as new countries are forming regulations and doing more about compliance, so we are excited about the prospect of growth of our equipment in this area.” // Dawn Brooks, General Manager, Purpora Engineering

Read here more about tank testing equipment from Purpora Engineering in Central and South America.

15:50, 9 October

“This has been one of the best shows that PDI has had in its history. Yesterday was actually record-breaking in the fact that we had more leads and more scans than we’ve ever had on the first day of a show. I can only imagine what the second day is going to bring, and by the end of the show I’m sure we will have broken all sorts of records. Coming to the NACS Show is always great, it’s always one of the best business opportunities for us the entire year. We’re glad to be here!” // Cederick Johnson, Director, Industry Marketing & Communications, PDI Software

13:45, 9 October

“The show is very informational. Lots of good vendors, and everybody is so nice, you know. Very good! We participate every year, this is probably our sixth time. We are located in Sherman, Texas, we manufacture canopies, carwashes and metal buildings, and we work inside and outside of the US.” // J.D. Hubbard, Monitor Inc.

13:30, 9 October

Bruno Boroewitsch and Matias De Poli from PetrolPlaza in a meeting with Marcelo Caio, Zeppini Ecoflex:

13:15, 9 October

“We have been participating in this exhibition with a booth for seven years by now. We have had lots of key visitors. We always make use of these events to get together with our distributors and our main clients. And the PEI always helps to bring all these people together in one same place. Bertotto is based in Argentina, so we have high expectations on export because we have a lower cost advantage. We are very happy about the number of visitors we have received at our booth.” // Pablo Capuano, Sales Manager, Bertotto-Boglione

12:45, 9 October

„We’re here at PEI 2018, another great show. The PEI has again confirmed that this is a pretty eminent global show for petroleum. We’re showcasing our three technologies: integrity testing of tanks and lines, the fastest most accurate test in the marketplace, our premium fuel cleaning service, which is now up to 25 units globally, and Wetstock Live, our premium software product for managing of petroleum inventory. Leighton O'Brien’s purpose at this year’s PEI is to recruit further partners for a global network and to present the technologies to the end clients here in the US.” // Reed Leighton, CEO, Leighton O'Brien

12:00, 9 October

“At this particular petroleum-based show we have decided to go with our FLEX5 machine. We’ve decided that we would show this machine at the petroleum shows because it’s a machine that has got five different models to it. You can have a 3 brush machine, you can have a 3 brush hybrid machine available, you can have a 5 brush and a 5 brush hybrid machine available, and/or you can have a touch-free machine. So it can virtually do all aspects of every different type of petroleum set that you’ve got. At this particular show we’ve decided that we would be going after the mid-level and the small level petroleum sites that have got one to twenty five car washes. We’ve just signed on Andretti Petroleum.” // Ian Burton, North American Director of Sales, Istobal

Read more about Istobal and the FLEX5 machine in their NACS press release.

11:40, 9 October

„We’ve come at NACS this year – I’ve never been before but I really wanted to come and see what the fast food to-go options are, maybe take some ideas back to the UK.” // David Penny, Penny Petroleum

11:25, 9 October

"This year’s NACS Show has been very vibrant, especially with the new EPA regulations going into effect on Saturday. We’re offering lots of clarifications and solutions for secondary containment testing and monthly walk-through inspections. It’s been great to see other new products and updates in the industry, and we’re offering our STS ProTec service to combat and protect against sump corrosion." // Megan Stewart, International Manager, Tanknology

Read here more about Tanknology's services in Italy offered by Ecology System.

11:00, 9 October

PetrolPlaza has started the day well. First, we met David Cescon, Managing Partner of Novyc International. David was very impressed by the feedback he got after publishing his article with us a month ago.

At the same time, our editor was busy interviewing Lise-Lotte Nordholm, Vice President, Dispenser Business Unit at Dover Fueling Solutions:

17:30, 8 October

It's a wrap for today! 

"We are thrilled with the first day of the convention this year. Our numbers are up, the booths were sold out, there's a lot of excitement on the trade show floor. I'm glad everyone could be here." // Rick Long, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, PEI

16:50, 8 October

"NCS is here at the NACS Show 2018 to introduce a couple of exciting new innivations, the first being a brand new premium LED Lighting Package under SoftGloss MAXX Five-Brush – a dazzling light show for your consumers. The Five-Brush as well as our 3-Brush will also come out with a new wash builder programmability software package that allows you to customize wash packages down to the pass level. We are also introducing a new intelligent and stylish teller PaySmart XT Series. At last, we have a Radius, our touch-free platform here at NACS." // David Miller, Senior Vice President, National Carwash Solutions

16:10, 8 October

"We're having a great show, lot of traffic, lot of interested qualified leads in domestic and international market. It's great to see people from all over the world coming to Las Vegas. We're proud to be featuring some new and exciting products: hydrogen fuel dispensers as well as EMV and NFC payment, to stay ahead of the United States October 2020 deadline for dispenser security." // Renee Mackenzie, Marketing Coordinator, Bennett Pump Company

13:15, 8 October

Refresh & Refuel from Coca-Cola: an interesting solution where customers can order and pay for their refreshments directly at the pump without any app.

12:50, 8 October

"The NACS PEI show is a very important event for us, and we do events in Europe as well, but this market here in North America is also important. Not just because of the US itself but because of all the countries around it. We are here because we sell to Latin American clients and they usually come to this exhibition. We have been participating for the last 5 or 6 years and we have increased our level: we are now bringing more products, more technology, and more people." // Nuno Cabral, CEO, Petrotec Group

Read here more about Petrotec's new look at the forecourt customer’s experience and human centered design.

12:30, 8 October

At this show we have a couple of new products. One of them is our conversion frame. When people go ahead and change out their dispensers, they sometimes have problems because the dispenser is either too big or too short. This allows for the customer to go ahead and all the proper drainage goes underground again and to the UDC that's underground. So we've got this new product here.

This has been a great show for us, we've grown tremendously, but we also do the UNITI expo and we do all the regional shows, and we are starting to expand our footprint into international. We've got Ukraine, Singapore, Turkey etc." // Paola Bravo, President, S. Bravo Systems, Inc

11:46, 8 October

The doors has just opened and the halls are already full! 

11:09, 8 October

Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Australian EV charging company Tritium unveil their new electric vehicle charging station. It has a classic dispenser look to make it appealing for c-stores. This 50kw charger is considered a "game-changer".

11:00, 8 October 

By 2030 there will be no petrol station without vapor recovery stage II in Latin America. Brazil and Mexico are finishing the process of implementation, while Chile and Uruguay have already fully implemented vapor recovery as a regulation. #PEIconvention 

17:00, 7 October

After two years away from the City of Lights, the NACS Show and PEI Convention are back in Las Vegas. As convenience and fuel retailing’s premier industry event in the U.S., the NACS Show attracts more than 23,500 industry stakeholders from around the world.  Thousands of products and services will be showcased at the 400,000 sq. ft. expo. Dozens of educational sessions organized by the Petroleum Equipment Institute and the National Association of Convenience Stores will keep industry professionals up to date with the latest market trends and regulations. 

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