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Q&A on new event PetroForum Europe

After organizing events for the fuelling industry across the world, the first PetroForum for Europe launches on May 13th-14th 2019. We spoke to OpenRoom, organizers of the events, to learn more about the format and target of this new edition.

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You’ve been running your PetroForums in APAC, the Middle East, Africa and the UK and Ireland for the past 14 years: what learnings can you bring to PetroForum Europe?

The past 14 years has allowed us to build excellent relations with suppliers, oil companies and fuel retailers – and we put listening to what our clients want as our number one goal. It underpins everything we do.

A conference program is always a key part of the PetroForum events. Do you already know which will be the main topics? And the speakers?

We listen carefully to what our clients want to learn – it’s very much an on-going conversation.  However, we’ve already secured Ilyas Munshi of EG Group as a keynote.  He’ll be looking at establishing partnerships with global brands such as Starbucks and KFC.

Will the event have the same duration and format as the others?

Yes. People have busier schedules than ever and we see 2 days as the optimum.  It’s not too long away from the office, but crucially, it’s enough time to reconnect and meet with everyone and build those all-important relationships.

Typically your PetroForums attract around 160 delegates; will you keep to this number for Europe?

We think this is the optimum number.  It ensures we take great care in inviting the people that matter.

At previous events, you’ve arranged for a retailer-only session.  Is this something you intend to run and what do you see as the key benefits?

In our experience, oil companies and fuel retailers value the benefits of collaboration and information sharing – after all, the same challenges apply to them all.  Allowing them to speak freely in the privacy of a retailer-only session only enhances their learnings.

How does PetroForum sit with UNITI expo?

PetroForum Europe runs in the alternative year to UNITI expo – and in fact, we think our targeted, meetings-focused events strongly complement a large trade show such as UNITI expo. 

What will UPEI bring to the party?

Fundamentally, UPEI brings us valuable access to some of the smaller independent retailers across the Continent.  OpenRoom works across a number of diverse sectors, so we like to tap into the expertise of experts!

Is there a role for PMCs?

At this stage, we are focusing our efforts on fuel retailers and oil companies.  We may consider widening the field to include distributors for retailers operating in CIS. 

Why have you chosen to host the event in Sitges?

Barcelona airport is one of the best-connected hubs in Europe and the hotel is a short 20-minute taxi ride.  It’s also a beautiful location!

*PetrolPlaza will be holding a supplier-only session at PetroForum Europe. 

More information at OpenRoom.

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