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Hand protection dispenser burns into UK forecourts

GripHero is expecting to reach more than 500 gas stations in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

GripHero has created an anti-static, fully recyclable hand protection dispenser that will allow drivers to keep their hands clean when refuelling in gas stations across UK.

It is expected that more than 250 forecourts of independent retailers will have the dispensers installed in a few months. The company is planning to reach more than 500 gas stations in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year as a starting point. Texaco, Esso, Murco, BP and Gulf will be among them. GripHero is planning in the long-term to launch its product overseas, namely in Europe and Middle East.

Around 75% of customers were interested in seeing such development implemented in forecourts to keep their hands clean, according to a company’s survey. This research also showed that four out of five drivers would be keen to use a gas station with hand-protection on every pump as opposed to a nozzle without this element. Of even greater value to fuel stations with convenience stores is the finding that 72% of vehicle owners would be more likely to make impromptu purchases of snacks, coffee, ice cream or other items such as sandwiches than they currently do, if they knew they could keep their hands clean while filling up

GripHero has been created to put the health and wellbeing of the customer at the heart of the forecourt, both in the prevention of biological and chemical contamination from the nozzle, and the prevention of potential ignition caused by static from standard gloves in the refuelling zone”, GripHero designer Oli Yeo said.

By placing a dispenser on each and every fuel nozzle on the forecourt, GripHero instantly puts an end to drivers having to hunt around for hand-protection, searching pillars, pumps and bins. With dispensers on each and every pump handle, you never need to worry about hand-protection running out at the pump.  That is great news for customers and good news for forecourts, as drivers are far more likely to make impulse purchases if they do not have dirty hands.”